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Corporate Wellness Packages

We have several tiers of Corporate Wellness packages and we will guide you through which is most appropriate for your Company.  Use our packages to create a healthier working environment with our scientifically proven products  designed to make the workplace a dynamic environment. 


In 2011 the European Parliament recommended that Member States take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones. 

Enhance your employee's performance

Most experts agree that a ‘culture of wellness’ is what corporates should be aiming for. In the US, workdays lost due to LTCs now cost employers $153 billion a year in lost productivity. Overload of EMF can significantly affect employee's performance by overloading the body with stress.  We offer a range of packages to help address this issue.

EMF Safety Advice

We are committed and passionate about what we do and we feel it important to promote EMF Safety.   We travel up and down the country talking at charity events, health conferences and other exhibitions to raise awareness. 

Wellbeing Strategy

Although necessary, office and corporate environments are filled with EMF frequencies admitted from wi-FI, mobile phones, docked phones and all other electrical equipment.  If your organisation has recognised the importance of implementing a Wellbeing Strategy then it is essential that within that strategy EMF exposure is addressed. 

Promotion and Education

We are happy to give extensive training to staff and directors about the need for precautionary measures and how to implement the best protection.

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