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Global EMF Solutions

Global EMF Solutions is a global authority on EMF. Speaking all over the world about the various products and techniques that can be supplied, Global EMF has the tools for promotion and education on EMF. 


smartdot™ is a EMF frequency harmoniser. The smartdot™ initiative has been designed as a corporate and global scheme to help combat the issues of EMF. Smartdot has many large scale solutions for all areas, technology companies, sports companies, health conscious companies etc.

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energydots™ are a tool kit used for EMF protection. They are EMF frequency harmonisers, working in a similar way to homeopathic remedies. Energydots work with practitioners and distributors around the world to bring hollistic solutions to the issue of EMF.

Our Skills & Expertise

Global EMF Solutions provide, simple and complete solutions to the adverse health affects of the modern day world. We can supply and advise the best solutions to tackle the growing issue of EMF to large scale companies, practitioners and consumers. We also offer a consultancy service free of charge enabling companies with corporate wellness schemes to make an informed decision on what measures should be taken to be able to get the very best out of their workforce.

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Lucy Blyth

Co-Founder and Director

Having worked in the market of EMF protection for over 10 years, I have built extensive knowledge of the growing issue and the measures needed to counteract the problem. Regularly speaking about the issue of EMF at events and working in conjunction with Jeremy to manufacture products designed to reduce electromagnetic frequencies. 

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Jeremy Bentley

Co-Founder and Director

I have experience and expertise researching and designing modern day solutions alongside practitioners and chiropractors, to supply companies with products for their corporate wellbeing responsibility commitments. Primarily manufacturing products designed to reduce electromagnetic frequencies which cause, fatigue, headaches and lack of concentration to support the modern day work force.

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